Congratulations to Callum our latest Member

February 3, 2014

Congratulations to Callum who passed his audition at the last meeting to become our newest member.




Monday 28th October : Lecture – David Forrest

October 22, 2013

David Forrest will be joining us on the 28th of October to present his lecture.  David is a close up magician and the following bio from gives you a little more information

“Late to discover close-up magic, David first became interested in the art at around 18 years of age. During one of many quests to give up smoking David thought he may have a better chance of kicking the habit if he could occupy his mind and give his hands something to do at the same time. Always having had a passing interest in card tricks, David went to a book shop and purchased Great Card Tricks by Bob Longe. David did manage to stop smoking (briefly!) but also inadvertently gained a far more expensive habit in card magic!

After the inevitable ‘pub gigs’ some real opportunities began to rear their head and soon, in between his real day job as a Graphic Designer, David’s evening’s were mostly spent trying to convince drunks to watch card tricks in return for a miserably poor monetary sum. After being made redundant and staring the prospect of trying to find gainful employment in the face, David boldly announced to his loved ones that he was going to have a go at being a professional magician. It was obvious to David at the time that to the loved ones in question, this was equivalent to announcing that he had decided to become a circus clown! And, unfortunately, they weren’t too far off the mark!

Soon after, David sold the rights to some packet tricks before independently releasing his Card Through Window effect – ‘CTW’. The effect was very well received and its success led to the birth of David’s magic publication business Full 52 Productions. Full 52 continues to thrive to this day and is so far surviving the battle between the written word and DVD! Being something of a neutral in the argument of which is better and seeking to basically hedge his bets, David formed Big Blind Media with Owen Packard late last year after collaboration on David’s acclaimed ‘Trickery’ DVD.”

The lecture will begin at 7.30pm at our usual venue, Magick Enterprises.  Cost if free to paid up members of the circle and £10 for visitors.

Special note this is on MONDAY the 28th of October (not a Thursday!)

August 1st – Lecture by ‘Looch’

July 22, 2013

On Thursday the 1st of August we are very lucky to be hosting a very special lecture by ‘Looch’

Looch’s Penguin LIVE Lecture earlier this year was one of the most successful online lectures ever recorded and on the 1st of August Looch will return to his home town for a one night only mentalism lecture.

Covering some of his incredible material from previous releases and also sharing some new, unpublished work Looch will present an evening of minimal mentalism focusing on strong, powerful and simple effects. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or are a seasoned pro, you will be sure to learn something.




Location is at Magick Enterprises, 82 Broad Street,  Sheffield S2 5GT.  The lecture will begin at 7.30 pm and is free to paid up members of the circle and £10 for guests.



June 6th Lecture : Harry Robson’s “Laff a minute”

May 30, 2013

The next meeting will be Harry Robinson presenting his “laff a minute” lecture.

From his website ”

A laugh a minute with Harry Robson, Master Magician & Raconteur.

Harry has lectured countless times over the past 15 years for societies in both UK and Europe.

Aimed at magical societies the lecture consists of two halves. Both halves consist of a performance and explanation, with a short break. At the end of the evening Harry is happy to hold a workshop for half an hour with the members of the society so people can put in to practice some of Harry’s effects. Harry’s working commercial effects are for sale at the end of the evening.   ”

Free to paid up members and £10 for non members.  Lecture starts at 7.30pm


Meeting Update 3rd May

May 3, 2013

A busy and well attended meeting for a “free and easy night”. 

A surprise first item was an audition from Ale who presented a lovely card routine showing how he could read minds, pulses and fortunes with an old family pack of playign cards.  It was very well presented and very entertaining.  Ale had visited for the night to see what the Circle was like and when we asked if he would like to audition there and then, stepped up the challenge.  Ale joins the Society just in time for some excellent lectures.

Pete spent much of the night processing membership subs.  If you haven’t paid yours yet you need to get it to Pete as soon as you can.

We spent some time looking through the Library.  It contains many classic texts on magic and the books are available for members to borrow.  Russell has very kindly offered to store them for us to make them easier to use.  If you want to borrow a book you have to bring it back to the next meeting and sign it out and in. 

The rest of the night was taken up with general magic.  The next meeting will be on 6th of June and be a lecture.  “Laff a minute” with Harry Robson.  More informaton to follow.

Andy Taylor becomes New President

May 3, 2013

Following the news that Ken had decided to step down after several years as our President due to ill health Andy Taylor has taken on the position.

Andy is an amazing magician and a long term member of the Circle and was a very popular choice at the AGM.

Auction Night – 7th February

February 3, 2013

Thursday 7th February – Annual Auction Night, Bring some lots to sell and your wallets to buy – we already have a large number of lots from the estate of the late Peter Hillam (an ex-president of the Circle) which will be sold in aid of the circle. 

Doors open 7pm Auction starts at 7.30om.

Free to Sheffield Circle Members, £3 for non members. 

Magick Enterprises, 82 Broad Lane, Sheffield, S2 5TG

Stan Leslie

February 3, 2013

I am sad to report that long-time Sheffield Circle member Stan Leslie (Stan Whomersley) died on 6 January. His funeral service on 25 January was well attended by his many friends, fellow entertainers and SCM members. Stan had been a member of the Circle since 1957.




I addition to his magic, Stan was a keen dancer and often reminisced whilst I drove him to meeting about his time driving Sheffield’s Buses and Trams and his time as a “Bevan Boy” during the war. 

Thanks to Russell Hall we can remember Stan in action through footage of recorded at the Regal Theatre, Worksop, in 1991.  This is his “Drunk Act” and contains a huge number of magic moments. A great 15 minutes of magic.

David Stone Lecture Thursday November 22nd

November 9, 2012

We are very fortunate to have David Stone lecturing on the 22nd of November.  David is a world renowned magician who has produced a number of books as well as working all over the world. 

Some videos of David can be found her 

This event is proving to be very popular and is free to members (non members will need to pay £12) but EVERYONE needs a ticket, available in advance from Russell at Magic Enterprises (address can be found in our meetings menu option on the right).  No ticket means no entry on the night. 

It is going to be a fantastic lecture with an amazing magician so get your tickets early.

Meeting Report Andi Gladwin Lecture

November 9, 2012

Thanks to Andi Gladwin for his excellent lecture.  He covered a lot of ground including some great card tricks (that even I can do!), marketing tips for magicians and a fantastic stage/caberet chair routine.