Our History

The inaugural meeting of the Sheffield Circle of Magicians took place at 6 East Parade (then the headquarters of the Sheffield District Boy Scouts’ Association) on the 18th of May 1920.

Present were Tom Chislett, George Dalby, B.C.Davis, Stuart Good, W.H.Davison, Harold Nicholson, Jimmy Revill (‘The Official Deceiver’), Dick Ritson (‘WuLing, the Magical Mandarin’) and D.Vickers. Tom Chislett, incidentally, was later to author a fascinating book Spirits in the House, about the coversion of his home in Banner Cross, Sheffield, into a ‘haunted house’.

Mr. David Devant accepted the post of Honorary President.
Members who joined in the first couple of years were J.S.Fisher, Rev.J. Haythornthwaite, Louis Kuyper, John Simonson, Harold Redvers Jay, George Brocklesby.

Hon Vice Presidents were Maurice F. Raymond (The Great Raymond) and Will Blyth who dedicated his book to SCM.
In 1921 new members Ernest Morton (Ericus) and Frank Fletcher joined us.

In the years since we have had many well-known personalities as members. These have included Ken De Courcy, Frank Baumforth, Ali Ben Ali, Louis Martelle, Bob McKenzie etc. Honorary Vice Presidents included Bayard Grimshaw etc. Current Honorary Vice Presidents include John Booth, David Cockings, Mike Damms, Vanni Pulé and Stan Whomersley.

The badge is a combination of the Scarab and Swastika, known as the Scaratika which was also the name of our newsletter. This was originally edited by Bob McKenzie but more recently revamped and edited by Al Smith for several years.

Our Motto is “Ars est celare artem” which translates as True art is to conceal art.

President for twenty years was Mike Damms, followed by Stan Leslie who has performed his prize-winning Drunk Act for numerous societies. Russell Hall who runs Magick Enterprises, one of the largest dealers in the north of England, followed and was then succeeded by Peter Hillam, Dick (Richard) Wilkinson,  Dave Chambers and Ken Appleyard.

Our current President is Andy Taylor who took office in April 20014.

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