Sheffield Circle of Magicians

Meeting Update 3rd May


A busy and well attended meeting for a “free and easy night”. 

A surprise first item was an audition from Ale who presented a lovely card routine showing how he could read minds, pulses and fortunes with an old family pack of playign cards.  It was very well presented and very entertaining.  Ale had visited for the night to see what the Circle was like and when we asked if he would like to audition there and then, stepped up the challenge.  Ale joins the Society just in time for some excellent lectures.

Pete spent much of the night processing membership subs.  If you haven’t paid yours yet you need to get it to Pete as soon as you can.

We spent some time looking through the Library.  It contains many classic texts on magic and the books are available for members to borrow.  Russell has very kindly offered to store them for us to make them easier to use.  If you want to borrow a book you have to bring it back to the next meeting and sign it out and in. 

The rest of the night was taken up with general magic.  The next meeting will be on 6th of June and be a lecture.  “Laff a minute” with Harry Robson.  More informaton to follow.