1st November : Lecture “Modus Operandi” by Andi Gladwin

Andi Gladwin will be presenting his “Modus Operandi” lecture on the 1st of November.  Andi is a close up magiacian and publisher of magic magic books.  

“The Modus OperANDI Lecture features one of the UK’s brightest stars in magic. Andi’s speciality is cards (his work on the Double Lift and Second Deal, marketed on two DVDs as The Master Pushoff received rave reviews) but his magic has wider fields and includes strong stand-up items.” (quote from the British Magic Society, webpages).  Andi’s website can be found at http://www.illusionist.co.uk/

The lecture will start at 7.30pm and be in our usual location at Magick Enterprise, Broad Street, Sheffield S2 5GT.  As usual it is free to paid up members and £10 to non members.


One Response to “1st November : Lecture “Modus Operandi” by Andi Gladwin”

  1. sheffieldcircleofmagicians Says:

    Andi has just been awarded the Magic Circle – John Nevil Maskelyne Prize: Given to the winner for noteworthy contributions to the art or literature of magic. Winner: Andi Gladwin for writing and publishing a wide range of books including: 52 Memories, a tribute to the phenomenal card magic of Jack Parker and The Definitive Sankey: a door-stopping trilogy of the magic of one of the most prolific creators of recent time

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