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Chris Hare Lecture – Thursday the 19th of January

January 9, 2012

Chris Hare will be presenting his “Hare Brained Mentalism” lecture to us on Thursday the 19th of January. 

Photo of Chris Hare

“Chris Hare The Mind boggler is an astounding entertainer who performs unique mind reading techniques to great effect. The effects performed in Chris Hare’s Mind Boggler show have been created by the man himself and are unlikely to be seen performed by anyone else. Recently at The Magic Circle a magician offered him £1000 for the secret of one of his mind effects.

The Mind Boggler show has entertained people all over the world and from all walks of life. In addition to this Chris Hare has made several television appearances and is the author of Sensational Memory.

By using his amazing mind reading skills in the Mind Boggler show Chris Hare is able to wow and stun an audience leaving them wondering how it was done. Your event will be the talk of  the town for weeks to come leaving your clients with an unforgettable experience. All of this combined gives a favourable memory of your event.”

The Lecture is an extra date on our syllabus as we changed from one meeting a month after we had booked Chris to Appear. 

Lecture is at Magick Enterprise, 82 Broad Street, 82 Broad Street, Sheffield S2 5TG.  Price is free to paid up members and £10 to non-members (non members welcome).  Lecture starts 7.30.

This should be a fantastic lecture from a great magician and I for one am very much looking forward to it.  Chris’s website is

Meeting Update – 5 January

January 6, 2012

The first meeting of 2012, and a fantastic turnout. 

“Free and Easy” night began with an impromptu audition from Chris.  Chris performed a series of excellent card tricks and the committee members in attendance were unanimous in their decision to make him a member.  The night continued with a series of effects from members, including a demonstration of X-Ray vision, several haunted decks of cards, a domino prediction, contact ball manipulation and card trickery aplenty.  Effects were punctuated by wide-ranging discussions on Magic on the telly over Christmas, reminisces of conjurers past and lots of hints and tips.  My favorite effect of the night was Craig showing us his “little hand” and how it helps him end one of his coins routine. 

The next event is our Chris Hare Lecture.  This was booked before we moved to one meeting a month so is on Thursday the 19th of January.  It promises to be an excellent night.  Chris is a fantastic performer and having had him demonstrate his “diary trick” on me I will definitely be there in the hope he spills the beans on it (hint hint Chris).

All the best