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Upcoming Meeting – Spooky Performance and Lecture 6th of October

September 30, 2011

As October begins the leaves fall and nights draw in it will soon be time for Halloween.  In a nod to this spooky season Ashton Carter will be presenting his “Mysteriosa” show and then talking through some of the effects/presentations in a mini lecture.  The show has been well received by audiences around the country including several nights in a London theatre and is Andy’s own take on Bizarre and Storytelling Magic.

 “Ashton Carter takes you on a strange journey into the paranormal and the bizarre. Blending storytelling, magic, theatre and illusion, Ashton will raise goose bumps and send shivers down your spine. Could you be the most psychic member of the audience? How do you gain entry to the most secret of secret societies? Can a bell really foretell disasters? Where did Ashton’s Great Great Aunt meet her final moments? All will be revealed by this entertaining and spooky entertainer.

Warning – contains dark humour and may make you question reality!”

Start time is 7.30 pm at Magick Enterprises, Broad Street.  As usual it is free to members and £10 for non members (all welcome).