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Upcoming Meeting – New members night – Thursday 1st of September

August 26, 2011

An open evening for anyone to come down and find out about the club.  I have had 3 enquiries about visiting so we should see some new faces amongst the regular members.  Bring some of your favorite effects and have fun showing them off.

 Meeting will be at the normal place at 7.30.  Sorry I can’t make it but I have the onerous duty to compare an evening of belly dancing and burlesque.  I have taken on this horrible task so you don’t have to.

Meeting Report – Roger Curzon Lecture and Mark’s Audition

August 5, 2011

last night we had a great night at the circle.

The evening started with an audition from Mark Lindsey.  Mark presented a number of mind reading effects and with a full audience did well.  The committee was unanimous in voting him in as a new member and we look forward to more miracles in the future.

Roger is a well known local magician who has in recent years moved from being an excellent card man to being an excellent card man with a growing interest in mental magic and bizarre magic.  His lecture consisted of a first half of some of his bizarre effects and clearly demonstrated Rogers though processes when it comes to magic.  He performed and gave explanations of a number of effects from his Pentalism DVD and Sublimations Book (both contain excellent effects and are available from Russell at  Magic Enterprises ).

In the second half Roger performed a selection of effects from his “Great Uncle Albert’s Box” show.  A series of linked stories told us about Uncle Albert and some of the things he did in his “Evil and wicked life”.  Spooky magic and strange stories were brought to life, ending with Great Uncle Albert’s wife returning from her grave to exact her horrible revenge.  All good wholesome family fun.

An excellent night and it was great to see several new faces amongst the regular members.  Hope to see you all again soon and joining is very easy to do.

All the best