Sheffield Circle of Magicians

Meeting Report – Auction Night


A busy night for the Auction.  The lots built up on the table and it was obvious to all that we had the opportunity to buy some magical “treats”.  Ken acted as auctioneer and the lots fell with much grace and a bit of pressure from the assembled members. 

Lots of note included Ken demonstrating his sawing a lady in half illusion with Craig playing the role of “lovely assistant”, Russell demonstrating the “die box” whilst the heckling masses tried to put him off, Robbo describing his “gross magic set” and myself failing to sell any of the items I had brought.  Still, a fun night was had and we even raised a few quid for the society.  Thanks to everyone that got into the spirit of the night (even those of you bidding 50 pence! you know who you are)

Next meeting is the 18th of March and a lecture by Wayne Fox… more details to follow.