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Meeting Update 3rd of December

December 4, 2009

Coin magic was the theme… and at least Pete had brought some coin effects! we played with a selection of cards from an Ink Blot Testing card set, helped David with a broken prop and discussed Paul Gordon’s recent lecture (which was great! thanks Paul) and practiced a few of the effects Paul had shown. 

The magic exhibition on in Derby was discussed by Russell, who didn’t gloat about being at the exclusive preview for very long :-).  It’s very good was his conclusion and further details can be found at : they are having a number of linked events around the exhibition and there was talk  of Vince and Andy taking their version of the Zig Zag Lady (using invisible props) to the open night.

It’s the Christmas Social on the 17th so bring some nibbles, some magic and partners/guest are welcome.

All the best.