Sheffield Circle of Magicians

Meeting Update – 5th of November


A well attended open night including visitors from as far afield as Stocksbridge and India! 

Highlights included Pete’s rope manipulations, Andy did a card trick with a little bit of fire (well it was bonfire night) and didn’t burn down the Magick Lounge, Ken tried to catch Roger out with a little bit of stoogery (but Roger was having none of it),  Stan showed us his torn and restored magic circle and Ian entertained with a really nice dice routine showing how you can change the values on the faces with a simple magical gesture.  All these effects were beautifully heckled through out by Frank.

A very welcome guest appearance was made by Pravine (I hope I have spelt that correctly) on a visit to Sheffield from India. Some of you may remember Pravine from when he lived in Sheffield a few years back.  He entertained us with a lovely routine that explained how a Mathematician, a Mentalist and a Magician would go about finding a selected card.  

We also got the opportunity to take part in a DVD project put together by Roger and Russell.  Roger is putting out a DVD with some of his effects and needed to film a demonstration of one of the routines.  The Sheffield Circle provided the crowd and Roger the effects.  Looking forward to the finished piece.  And remember that for those of you who took part Russell is offering a discount on the DVD (I think he said 50p off) which is a bargain.  Thanks to all who helped out.

See you all next time.